Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy birthday..

Mai.. happy birthday..coz.. kna sorok la kan, yg ke berapa..

few times call, bru dpt cakap & wish...

Memang dh lama x dpt nk sembang2...
our kehidupan change
Dah lama sgt tak ronda2 sma2 kan...
Tapi..terharu sgt bila dengar.. we are still best friend

Camna bole mula rapat ek.. ramai yg pelik
Both our characters, totally different
Ha... jiwa kacau.. that's the word
We understand each other because our life partners are like us..
Susah nk faham nih life partner, attitute sama mcm mai
Mai's life partner, sma attitute as mine
So we try to understand each other's partner by becoming friend..
Bole k cam tu.. okey je kan

Yap.. now masing2 buzzy dgn ank2 yg sekolah
So, lah less time nk ronda2 malaya cam dulu

Buzzyyyy dgn karier... as we climb the so called corporate ladder, we tend to spend more time in meeting & discussion...

Orr.. may be... our jiwa less 'kacau'... may be so true... kan

May our meaningful friendship become stronger..even though we become more jarang b'jumpa, more less jalan2 & so much less talking to each other (fuhh.. ingat dulu2, kalah org b'cinta).. and seems.. no more sleep over...

May both of us, success in our carier, success membesarkan anak2 jadi ank2 yg berjaya, dunia & akhirat.. may both of us success dlm hidup membina keluarga bahagia.. in ways that meant to be for us...


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